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Everyone has at least a couple actors that just 'do it' for them. Maybe it was the first nude scene that you saw or maybe it was your first crush... but we all got 'em.  Here are some of our favorite actors who have gotten naked for the camera. Inclusion is  based on overall beauty and contribution to the world of Cinemale skin.

Jean-Hugues Anglade

French hunk Jean-Hughes has done a number of nude scenes, but he will always have a special place in our heart for his tour-de-force work in Betty Blue.  Spending much of the movie naked, he set a new standard for excellence.
Christopher Atkins

Okay. You can't ask for more than Chris Atkins. This beautiful man appeared nude in many a film in the 80's, including the greats Blue Lagoon and A Night in Heaven. Maybe the younger set may not know his name, but you definitely need to check him out.
Hank Azaria

Talk about a hot geek, Hank Azaria is a buff stud and yet has an awkwardness about him that makes him simply adorable. He has only shown rear a few times, the best being in Along Came Polly.
Kevin Bacon

Kevin has been around forever and his nudity has been prolific. In the 80s he teased us with rear shots and tight underwear like in She's Having A Baby. Then finally in Wild Things he shows us the full bacon, and it makes us wonder why he kept that in hiding for so long!
Simon Baker

There is something about this tall, blond stud that gets our motor going. He is dapper with a capital 'D'. he has only shown rear shots in his films, but he gave us a really good frontal tease in Book of Love.
Christian Bale

Not to date ourselves, but we've loved this guy since 'Newsies', and what a man he has turned out to be! With loads of rear shots and even a couple of frontals in films like American Psycho and Metroland, this Welsh hunk is rightfully proud of his beautiful body.
Antonio Banderas

Sure, he's gotten older, but some things get better with time. Antonio started out baring it all in Spanish movies like Baton Rouge and Pestanas Postizas and then went on to give us sexy rear shots in US films like Original Sin. He will always be muy caliente.
Julien Baumgartner

While appearing in only a few French films that we have seen, Julien has made an impression. A lovable innocence. We look forward to seeing more, but for now enjoy him in Sexy Boys and You'll Get Over It.
Sean Bean

English stud Sean has had quite a prolific career. With nudity in MANY films, our favorites have to be his great rear shots in A Woman's Guide to Adultery and his great frontals in Lady Chatterley and When Saturday Comes.
Max Beesley

Ah, Max. English stud to die for. We're bulge lovers at heart, and there's none better than the party in his pants in Five Seconds to Spare. But he's given the full monty in flicks like The Emperor's Wife and Tom Jones.
Wes Bentley

Okay, so he's only shown rear, but Wes is kinda sorta amazing. Best rear shots in American Beauty and White River... but we hope someday there will be more.
Helmut Berger

Famous for a string of German films in the late 60's and 70's Helmut was big on the nudity with full frontal nudity in Salon Kitty and The Damned.
Gael Garcia Bernal

What's not to love? He's cute. He's talented. He's made out with Sean Penn.  but who can forget his wet undies in Bad Education or his full on turn in Y Tu Mama Tambien. He's going to be the Antonio Banderas of a new generation.
Sebastian Blomberg

This is one of our favorite German actors. You may not know his name, but you'll remember his beautiful face. Our favorite is his frontal in
Alma, but we loved him ever since his tease in Anatomy.
Alan Boyce

Okay. Just one very independent gay film. Probably will never see him again. But damn. Alan... if you are out there you have at least three marriage proposals waiting at the Cinemale office. Check him out in Skin and Bone.
Gerard Butler

Well before he became the name he is today, Gerard had a brief frontal scene in Mrs. Brown, and he's still showing off as he did in Gamer... so we hope there's more in store.
Ryan Carnes

We first saw him on Desperate Housewives, then he made a real splash in Eating Out, going full frontal. Just one flick, but enough to make the list.
Brett Chuckerman

Another actor who has made a name in a string of gay films. While he has only shown the goods in Eating Out 2, we have a sneaky feeling we'll be seeing more of him!
Daniel Craig

Dapper and handsome, Daniel has never been shy of nudity. If only American film makers were able to use that talent! Full frontal in Love is the Devil and Some Voices, he has also shown plenty of rear shots in other movies.
Tom Cruise

Say what you will about his personal life, Tom is a Hollywood classic for many reasons, back in the day we loved his underwear dance in Risky Business, but his classic nudity was his surprise frontal in All the Right Moves.
Patrick Dempsey

Before he was McDreamy, Patrick made a string of teen flicks in the 80's. Check your video store for Some Girls to catch McDreamy being McNaked.
Leonardo Dicaprio

Before he was a big star, Leonardo actually showed skin in early films. While he tried to stop it, full frontal shots of Leo stayed in the final cut of Total Eclipse.
Taye Diggs

Handsome and smart, Taye has also given some fun nudity (the quickest full frontal ever) in The Wood.
Stephen Dorff

Though he had shown his rear plenty in films like Innocent Lies, no one expected the full frontal from Shadowboxer. Not many well known actors would have been so bold.
Josh Duhamel

While he looked great in Dorian Gray, Josh's onscreen nudity has been limited. But the fully nude shots that he did before he made a name for himself get this hunk on the list.
Zac Efron

Okay. So this is a stretch, he has not done nudity. At least not yet. But this super stud is in our sights. Till he does, we'll have to live with sexy shots from him on the set of Charlie St. Cloud.
Rupert Everett

This out and proud English stud one our hearts years ago with his nudity in Cemetery Man and The Comfort of Strangers.
Colin Farrell

Even without his notorious sex tape (pulled from the site by request), Colin would be one of our favorites. For gritty, dirty and hot it doesn't get much better. His best nude scenes would be in Alexander and Tigerland.
Gabriel Garko

More of a model - beautiful model turned actor Gabriel Garko only shows up once in the database, but in Black Angel he definitely made an impression!
Louis Garrel

French cu
tie Louis has made his mark in his young career with brilliant nudity in The Dreamers and Ma Mรจre. We can only expect that we will see much more nudity from this European hunk.
Richard Gere

The daddy of them all, Richard was showing dick before it became cool, with great nude scenes in American Gigolo and Breathless, just to name a few.
Jake Gyllenhaal

Fans of this site will not be surprised to find Jake on the list. One of the few current day stars who is willing to bare it all. He has given us great rear nudity in Jarhead and teased us a bunch in other movies.
Emile Hirsch

Another young actor who has no fear of showing off for the camera. With full frontal shots in Into the Wild and Taking Woodstock, we can only wait to see what he does next. 
Thomas Jane

Well before his series Hung where he plays a gigolo, Thomas got our motor running by going full frontal in movies like Nemesis and Stander.
Salim Kechiouche

With brilliant full frontal nudity in Grande Ecole and Criminal Lovers, this French actor makes the list. He is a gorgeous guy.
Harvey Keitel

Oh Harvey... not a traditional good lucker, but he oozed sex appeal when fully nude in several of his films like Bad Lieutenant and The Piano. Copious nudity in many films, very unique for a leading man of his generation.
Perry King

If you want to know why we love Perry, you need look no further than Mandingo for this stud to go full frontal and show off the family jewels. A gorgeous guy who went on to fame starring in TVs Riptide.
Justin Kirk

Another beautiful guy whol has no problem showing off his blessings. With full frontal turns in Angels in America and Flannel Pajamas as well as some nudity in his series Weeds, we suspect we haven't seen the last of Justin.
Ashton Kutcher

This TV stud has made the cross to the big screen. While he only teased us for years, this beauty finally showed off his fine rear in Spread.
Ryan Kwanten

Fans of True Blood certainly know hot actor Ryan Kwanten... and probably have an intimate knowledge of his backside. He is simply fine.
Jude Law

What's not to love about this dapper English gentleman? He has given plenty of nudity in films like Immortality and Wilde, and even showed up in naked paparazzi shots. We'll take all the Jude we can get!
Heath Ledger

Oh, Heath. We lost you way too soon. A great actor, and no stranger to nudity, Heath showed off his assets with ease. His best nudity was in I'm Not There, where he went full frontal. But for full exposure you have to see the leaked paparazzi shots.
Mario Lopez

He's only had one scene with nudity, and that was a full rear in Nip/Tuck. It was a great scene, but he's a personal favorite so he's on the list.
Rob Lowe

Younger guys these days may not realize it, but Rob was a major heart throb back in the 80's. He showed skin in movies like About Last Night and Masquerade at a time when people just weren't doing that. Thanks for paving a path, Rob.
Santiago Magill

You may not recognize this Peruvian actor, but Santiago has made a definite impression with his 'body' of work including City of M and Don't Tell Anyone.  Not a lot of actors get hard on camera. Santiago does.
Jose Luis Manzano

This Spanish cutie has let us explore every inch of his body in gay themed movies like Colegas and Navajeros. One look and you won't forget him either.
Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm has set a new standard for volume of nudity if nothing else! Full frontal in Caligula, A Clockwork Orange, Brittania Hospital and more, he has never been afraid to get nude on camera.
Ewan McGregor

Ewan. What is there to say? This Scottish hunk has had a prolific nude career, and his dick is so impressive it should get its own credit. So many movies, but best to check out Velvet Goldmine, The Pillow Book and Young Adam.
Christopher Meloni

Meloni's nude career can be summed up in one word: Oz. During his run on the HBO series, his nudity was legendary... shower scenes, sex scenes, even a scene peeing in a bucket. An instant classic.
Matthew Montgomery

Beautiful Matthew has shown his goods in several gay themed movies, and we couldn't be happier. He's kinda gorgeous. Enjoy him in Socket and Gone But Not Forgotten.
Robert Pattinson

This young 'Twilight' star has tried to break out of his heartthrob image by giving a taste of what he has in Little Ashes. We're all hoping this is just the start of good things to come.
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

You may know this hunk from The Tudors, but don't miss his earlier work! From low budget films like Tangled to big epics like The Governess and Titus, Jonathan has never been afraid to show what he is packing.
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